Scorp is the visual social media app – think Vine meets Reddit. Content creators shoot short videos, grouped by topics, and engage with the relevant audience. Mext is building the face swap computer vision / face features detection library for Scorp.

Technological highlights

  • OpenCV + dlib facial feature detection in real time
  • Color correction & blending of the face from the different video stream


Streamify is a platform for live interactive streaming. It allows you to broadcast live video from your smartphone to Facebook and Youtube, while applying artistic filters in real time, and enabling live viewer feedback through built-in subtitle-style questions and answers engine. The app key market is museums and exhibitions, to enable interactive guided tours.

Technological highlights

  • Raw video and audio capture
  • RGB to YUV conversion
  • Realtime GPU-based effects and filters
  • Realtime subtitles
  • Hardware encoding
  • RTMP streaming with dynamic bitrate adjustment
  • Bufferization + caching


Rolik is the digital video advertising marketplace for the people who love to film with their iPhone. People can create avertisement clips with the Rolik editor, and submoit to the mainstream-brand sponsored contests.

Technological highlights

  • Full-featured video and audio editor right on your iPhone
  • Video and music library to choose the content from
  • Local camera capture
  • Artistic filters for the video
  • On-the-phone rendering and upload


Mediakey is an interactive media keyboard that allows you to edit and send your photos and video right from the chat window. For photos, you can add Instagram-style filters on the fly. For videos, we automagically convert them to Gif, to make sure you can use them in any chat app you like, and adjust the quality and size of the media as we render, to optimize performance of the chat as well as image quality.

Technological highlights:

  • Native keyboard integration: it works anywhere you have a text field: Mail, text, Whatsapp, Facebook, you name it.
  • Gif rendering from video under strict size and time constraints, for interactive chat experience
  • Instagram-style artistic filters


Fishball is the dual fisheye lens and an app for your smartphone, that allows you to capture seamless 360 degree photos and video, and then instantly share to your favorite social networks.

The lens is specific to each handset and through a carefully calibrated optical system lets you use your phone’s built-in camera. The Fishball app stitches the raw video into a 360 bubble that can be viewed in most popular video sharing platforms such as Facebook or Youtube, as well as virtual reality headsets.

Technological highlights:

  • Raw image capture and on-device processing
  • Image recognition for on-the-fly calibration of the optical part
  • Stitching of fisheye image and conversion to equirectangular 360 (hat tip to Paul Bourke
  • Built-in 360 player