• Consulting
    • Mext team of experts can perform an audit of your current codebase, identify problem areas, and recommend a solution. We are comfortable starting either with the problem framed in high level business terms (customers complain that our live video is laggy!), and then drill down to technological details, or coming in to address a specific engineering challenge right away.


  • Custom software development


    • Mext provides custom iOS and MacOS development services, focused on media capture, processing and delivery of the content to the final user.
    • We focus on end-to-end custom software development services, having the in-house team that can handle both fundamental R&D as well as efficient implementation of your iOS or Android app project.
    • While custom software cost can be prohibitively high when developing mobile apps from scratch, by using Mext Developer Tools (link) we are able to significantly reduce both cost and time-to-market for your applications.
    • Please also note, that as our client, you get priority access and preferential pricing on all future releases.


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